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I’m working on something new, my lovelies! Get ready for it.

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Hairy matter.

Hi friends! I’m working three jobs so as you can imagine, I’m quite busy. But I wanted to discuss something with you all.

Hair removal.

I’m half Pakistani, so naturally, I have slightly thicker/darker hair than most. While my school friends stick solely to the razor

This razor worked best for me. Mighty close shave!

(even in the bikini area!), my Pakistani friends can’t live without wax. I thought I’d try something in between. When I shave, my hair grows back just hours after. I tried using epilating creams, but my sensitive skin was burned immidiately. I’ve had a scab mustache once, and once too many. Nair’s sensitive formula did work wonders, but still wasn’t quite strong enough to remove hair above the surface of my pores. So I was left with one more option. Wax.

I’ve bought tens of waxing kits, but the proved too confusing for a hair-ripping virgin. Yesterday I decided I’d get my first bikini and leg wax at Shobha Spa in Soho. My Pakistani friends assured me that Indians are the best at waxing, not to mention my boss at NYLON swears by their fast and thorough service.

No scab mustaches!

Shobha was awesome. It was a given that it’d hurt, but it was fast and easy. My waxer was extremely friendly, asking about my weekend, school and work to get my mind off of the pain. I did get a slight reaction to the wax, with little red dots all over my legs, but they faded after about an hour. There were very tiny patches of hairs that had been missed, but nothing too obvious. I think it’d be hard to get it all, so I’m content. My bikini line was absolutely perfect. She did an extremely good job, though I screamed out loud after the first rip. My waxer also suggested that I try sugaring the next time, which is a type of gel wax that’s for more sensitive skin. Both services came out to $103.

Overall, I was extremely happy with waxing. I probably won’t get my legs professionally waxed very often, but I’d definitely go for a bikini wax regularly. I watched her do my leg wax, so I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to figure it out at home. I’ll do some research on some home waxing for my next post.

Love you all.

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Got the Job.

Okay, sorry. I was freaking out. That is my dream internship… and I got it. Dream come true, guys. Really, if you go for your dream, and you work damn hard, I promise it could happen for you too.
I know you all are wondering where it is, but I’m keeping it a secret for the sake of the magazine, and my privacy. But who knows, maybe they’d approve of my writing about it! We’ll see. I start after school ends, and I’m so psyched. Love you, follow my uber-lame twitter.

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Cinco de Mayo.


Miss me? Again? I hope so. High school drama has been on the overload, but I’ve realized working on the blog/videos makes me a lot happier than trying to deal with dummies! I got off wait-lists, and now there’s even more drama. Where to go to college?!?? I’m so confused. I narrowed it down to two choices–one that’s smack-dab in the middle of Boston and Providence with a very mixed community of people, and the other is known as one of the top ten “hipster” schools in the US, has no grades, and is extremely into experimental learning. To stand out as a hipster in a school, or to be among a large group of hipsters… that is the question.
A lovely girl asked me to do a brow tutorial. So I went ahead and filmed, then realized how boring I was. Jeez, I need to get back into the swing of things! I’ll try again when my brows grow out. In the mean time, I think I’ll do an April Favorites video! I’m a bit sick, and sound a little nasaly from my congestion, but what the hay. I haven’t made a video in SO long! I hope you guys enjoy it, despite the slightly annoyed state my icky voice might put you in.

On another note, I think Friday is the most important day of my life (so far…). I have an interview for my DREAM JOB (well, an internship) at my FAVORITE magazine. I’m a bit nervous to say the least. I’ll either completely bomb it, or get a little too passionate about my love for the magazine. If I get the job, everyone will be a little confused at how enthusiastic I’ll be to go out and buy people coffee, picking up poop from the office dogs, etc. But honestly… I’m so freakin’ excited. I think I’d probably do everything with a very honest smile on my face.
Wish me luck, guys. This is it. The big time.

Oh, and add me on Twitter. I know, I’m a nerd. My username is sarrbasi!

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I’m in a FILM called FLUX!

I mentioned this in one of my videos, and now it’s up for the world to see! A bunch of my VERY BEST friends are in it. I’ll paste in the description the writer/directer and good buddy, Wyatt wrote:

Flux is a tale about the life of a small town teenager. When Hayes, a smart, introverted Junior, goes out for a night of party with his Senior friend Gavin, he has no idea what the night holds in store for him.
This was a short film project that has been in the making for a year. I wrote the 10 page script near the end of the 2008-2009 school year and then started production during October 2009. The cast and I worked very hard on this production for 3 months.
This film has been entered in multiple Student Film Festivals, but we are still awaiting results.


Hayes is played by Tucker, again, one of my best friends. My other friends in the movie are Chris (the big one that’s a huge jerk), Cooper (Wyatt’s brother, the drunk guy who passes out on Tucker, and the guy we keep picking on in bloopers), Elizabeth (a drunk party girl in white), Caroline (the drunk party girl in silver), and Brooke (the girl who throws up on Chris. Hilarious!).

I’ll go ahead and tell you how absolutely hilarious it was to make this. I love being in/making videos! It’s so much fun. We spent our weekends, and hours after school filming. It felt way longer than three months, but all the more fun! My friends and I have such a hysterical dynamic, we really don’t need things like alcohol or drugs. We’re crazy enough without them. And if the film itself doesn’t show that, the bloopers definitely do.

Here’s the video:


And here are the bloopers. Definitely watch them after you watch the real movie. Also, before you watch the bloopers, I’d like to say there’s some minor cursing and questionable references. But hey! We’re teenagers. That’s what we do. And I also gradually get crazier each time you see me. It’s frustrating not getting a line after eleven takes. But whatever, I’m sort of weird.

FLUX bloopers

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Hey friends.

Wow, okay. No more excuses. I’ve been lazy, sick, the works, but there really isn’t an excuse for me leaving for this long! You guys are so surprisingly supportive it’s unbelievable. Second semester hasn’t been as easy as I thought (going to an icky, intense school), but that didn’t stop me in the past! But I’ll give you a little update.

I’m in the school play and luckily for you guys, I got the worst role I’ve ever gotten. You want to know what it is? It’s good. I can’t wait to make my kids laugh with this one: I have a “Singer & Dancer” role in a play that isn’t a musical. HUGE WTF moment. I thought I was a good actress! It did a number to my self esteem, but I’m still doing the show because of the community. I love theater kids. They’re such passionate, creative people. Even if I’m not truly one of them, they’re the most interesting group to be around. It’s the Shakespere play “As You Like It”, so I probably wouldn’t have been to great with lines anyway. See? Look at the positive, girls. Stick with what you’re good at, and look at the pros and cons. Sure, this play will take up a little bit of time, but it’s time well spent with some great kids. Do any of you guys do after-school activities? Sports teams, dance classes, anything really fun and interesting? Tell me what it is. If not, you should definitely pick something up.

Secondly, I’ve been doing a ton of chillin’ with friends. A lot of you are curious about my place on the social hierarchy school, which I find pretty funny. As an upperclassman in high school, you tend to understand what a waste of time it is to try to be part of “the cool group”. You finally start asking yourself “what makes this the cool group?” and start knowing the difference between what you find fun, and what others find fun. In middle school, I had my fair share of mistakes. I’m sure all of you will do something to get ahead socially, that will somehow set you back. Go with your morals. Stick to your instincts. That’s a huge can of worms I’ll open in another post. But wait, could you imagine me as the “cool, popular, intimidating” senior girl? Hell no! I’m the least intimidating person at my school, if not in the world, which has actually served to my advantage. What I’ve learned in the past few years is that it sucks to have enemies, to not go to the “cool” parties, and to sit home alone on weekends and stalk Facebook pictures of get-togethers you wish you were invited to. Of course we have our occasional slumps, but life is so much better when you’re friends with everyone. I go to a small school. My grade is made up of seventy people, give or take a few. I’m proud to say that I’ve had a pleasant conversation with every one of them. You could say I’m a floater, since I hang out with different friend groups. I’d like to think I’m one of very few who has realized how interesting people generally are. People are fascinating, and you guys are obviously fascinating to me! Everyone I’ve met at school means well, even if they’re interpreted in different ways by other people. Everyone goes through tough times, and it’s important to be compassionate. I love being a friend. To me, there’s nothing better than having a three-hour-long conversation with a stranger you’ve connected with. Although most of you might hate high school now, and I did at one point too, I absolutely adore it because I love laughing. It’s tough to find kids in high school who don’t. Why not share a laugh with everybody?

(2/6/10) Totally in my element with Christina, and a few girls (Emily, Chloe, and Anna) I had just met that night. We were getting ready for a dance! I was so overdressed (as usual). They're such sweet, down to earth girls ❤

So since my mother and Alex accidentally-on-purpose showed a bazillion of my peers, teachers, and scary adults my blog and videos, I’ll take the opportunity to give you all a big YO! You’re all really cool, and know what I’m saying is pretty darn true. Please don’t judge, I’m not a narcissist with all the pictures. I’m just trying help some really awesome girls.

Love you all (…seriously.)


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